Make your business application multilingual

Using our translation API to communicate with your consumers in 80 languages has never been easier 

Lingmo RESTFul API Translation API

Cloud based Translation API

Lingmo Translation API professionally translates between 100’s 0f language pairs in Realtime.  Translate Speech and Text content using our secure cloud based AI-Powered translation software and translate between 80 languages.  Our RESTful API translates contextually detecting nuances, dialects, grammar and punctuation. 


Adaptable and Versatile

With our translation API you integrate translation capabilities into your platform, application or 3rd party configuration and call on our RESTful API when translation is required. Lingmo believe you should be in charge of what you want the Translation API to do. It just makes better business sense.


Customised Software Solution_Lingmo

Customised Solution

Contextually and accurately translate between 80 languages from Afrikaans to Zulu. Our customised translation solution can be embedded into your application, CSM or platform  by your development business team or Lingmo can built you a customised interface to support your use case.

Our highly sophisticated translation API can be trained to understand and recognise specific industry terminology too. To find out more about industry specific terminology training please contact us.

Lingmo Customised Translation API Use Cases

These are just some of the companies we have helped. Tell us about your translation challenge so we can advise you on the right solution.

Multilingual Digital Human

Uneeq – Lingmo’s Translation API was used to translate Uneeq’ digital human Sophie to converse in multiple languages. Customers can speak directly to Sophie in their native language and she will reply in the same language. Try the health  advisor demo for yourself.


Report Human Trafficking crimes in multiple languages

STOP THE TRAFFIK – Lingmo’s Translation API was integrated into STOP THE TRAFFIK’s STOP APP to allow users to send conversational messages in multiple languages. It is critical that modern-day slavery and human trafficking crimes are reported accurately and by adding our translation API we make it easier for foreign-speaking people to report any suspicious activities


Languages Lingmo Offer

Lingmo Languages

Lingmo’s translation API translates between multiple language pairs across both speech and text platforms. All languages leverage IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence and use our Speech Recognition technology for superior native quality translations.

Easy integration

Our translation API is used to translate many business solutions. In fact,  Lingmo translation API integrates with any business  platform or 3rd party application. The API is only called upon when translation is required.  Discover how easy the integration process is, we’ve made it a seamless process for your business.

Easy top Use and Integrate Lingmo API

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