Lingmo Hello I love You Danny May

Hello, I Love You

By Danny May
12 June 2018

Find out why Lingmo’s CEO told a police officer in China that he loved him.  Read how these words reinstated for Danny May and actually becoming the founding purpose behind Lingmo’s start-up inspiration.

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Top 5 Tips for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs Lingmo Danny May

Top 5 Tips for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs

By Danny May
30 April 2018

Typically, an entrepreneurial start-up is an emerged business/company sharing the similar aim of meeting a marketplace need and engaging consumers by developing a hardware, software, service etc. But people wonder how can your start-up become successful? Danny May, CEO and Founder of Lingmo International shares his top 5 tips for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs.

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Lingmo Breaks down Languages barriers with IBM Danny May

Lingmo breaks down language barriers with IBM

By Danny May
21 December 2017

Try to picture this scenario: you are in a foreign country, let’s say China, on a business trip. You don’t speak the language, don’t have any contacts, and are relying on a vanilla translation app on your phone to help you get out and about. Then, something unexpected happens: your passport gets stolen. You rush to the police station, try to communicate with the officers… and let’s just say it doesn’t go very well.

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