Sometimes you just have
to customise

Leverage our expertise to develop a
custom business solution designed specifically for your platform 

Dedicated  development team combined with professional enterprise-grade multilingual solutions

Lingmo’s in-house specialised translation development team will work with your business team to modify our translation services to meet your application requirements.

3rd Party Integrations

Specific Industry Terminology Training

Proof of Concepts

BETA Testing

Sandbox testing Environment

Custom Translation APIs – Voice to Voice, Voice to Text, Text to Voice and Voice to Voice

Speech Recognition and AI Technology Machine Translation Training

Lingmo Customised Translation API Use Cases

Multilingual Digital Human

Lingmo provided a custom translation solution to translate Uneeq’ digital human Sophie to converse in multiple languages. End users speak directly to Sophie in their native language and she will reply in the same language. Try the health  advisor demo for yourself.


Report Human Trafficking incidents in multiple languages

Lingmo partnered with STOP THE TRAFFIK to integrate a custom translation API into STOP THE TRAFFIK’s STOP APP to allow users to send conversational messages in multiple languages. It is critical that modern-day slavery and human trafficking incidents are reported accurately. By adding our translation software, we make it easier for foreign-speaking people to report any suspicious activities from around the world.


We don’t store your data 

We don’t store, collect or retain your data. It is something Lingmo strongly believe in. Our trusted and secure system encrypts data giving you peace of mind that your sensitive data is not stolen or used. We know it’s what our global customers and partners prefer. 

Lingmo brings the world to you

A fully customised and scalable solution that covers 80 languages while leveraging IBM Watson AI and Lingmo’s Speech Recognition. The possibilities are endless!

Lets work together

Partner with us as we collaborate to deliver custom translation solutions developed to suit your individual business need.