Innovator and Entrepreneur.  Solving problems with Artificial Intelligence.

Danny May - Innovator and Entrepreneur - CEO Lingmo International

Danny May is an Australian global tech entrepreneur, innovator and industry speaker. Danny founded Lingmo International, a digital Artificial Intelligent (AI) translation software provider, with no IT or AI background. His idea to develop a Real-time language translation solution came about after an embarrassing situation in China when his passport was stolen and he had no way of communicating with the local people.

With no formal training in the technology space, Danny has a deep understanding of AI and Speech Recognition technology in the translation sector and the benefits it brings not only to products but also to the people using the technology. This has led him to develop relationships with many corporate multinationals and take the lead in mentoring them on how they can improve their business communications as well as guide them into incorporating AI into their internal systems.

With an impressive portfolio presenting keynotes, sitting on panels and giving talks around the world, Danny’s easy going and approachable manner gives him the natural ability to share his expertise. His intuitive mindset seeks to make the impossible possible and inspires many young people to follow their dreams. His engaging presentations make it easy for people to relate to him as he demonstrates how to push the boundaries in the startup world.

Danny is based in Sydney, Australia and can be contacted here>.


Dojo LIVE Podcast

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Mark Bouris

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Lingmo chat to Mark Bouris about Business Partnerships and why Lingmo partnered with IBM.

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Where Danny has presented

Danny May has presented at a number of global events, talking about the advancements of AI in technology, the trends in translation technology as well as how he how he founded Lingmo International.

Below are some of the places he has presented at so far.

Danny May Entrepreneur, Innovator and Speaker

IBM THINK Australia 2019, Sydney

Danny May Entrepreneur, Innovator and Speaker

Keynote, IBM THINK 2018, Las Vegas

Danny May Entrepreneur, Innovator and Speaker

IBM Watson Summnit, New Zealand

Danny May Entrepreneur, Innovator and Speaker

UN ITC World Telecom Congress, Korea

Danny May Entrepreneur, Innovator and Speaker