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Language Translation software for customer service 

Translation Software for Businesses

Lingmo’s smart translation products, services and solutions have been developed specifically to enable organisations to easily communicate and stay connected with consumers who speak another language. With intelligent speech recognition and AI software always improving the translations, Lingmo’s cloud based solutions offer a new way to conduct business internationally.

Chatbot Translation - Smart translation solutions for your chatbot

Chatbot Translation

Your chatbot can quickly answer your consumer queries but can it communicate in 80 languages? Keep your foreign speaking consumer engaged and implementing our translation software onto your chatbot and allow your customers to type questions and receive responses in their native language – No extra chatbot training required.

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Lingmo Live Chat- We've made Live Chat Translate

Lingmo Live Chat

Lingmo Live Chat is the new and exciting translation solution that enables your Live Chat software to translate between 80 languages. Your consumers and agents can now easily chat to each in their own languages. 

Unlock the ability to scale into new international markets and connect with consumers who speak another language. 

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Lingmo Translation API Product

Lingmo Translation API

Lingmo Translation API enables you to translate text and voice accurately in Realtime with AI cloud-based solution. Our intelligent translation API translates website and email content, chatbot and Live chat chats, documents and CMS platforms and much more.  

Why not find out more about how our RESTful translation API can help your business connect with your foreign speaking consumers? 

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Lingmo Transcription Product - Audio to Text in 80 languages

Lingmo Transcription

The Lingmo Transcription platform digitally transcribes your audio files into text without the risk of sensitive data being captured or stored. 

Discover how your organisation can save time and reduce costs with our smart translation technology.

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Lingmo Talk2You Multilinigual Messaging Product Software

Lingmo Talk2You

Talk2You is a cloud-based translation voice messaging platform giving users the flexibility to send and receive voice messages in their native language, retrospectively. App users can be located anywhere around the globe and chat with other users without worrying about what language they speak.

Use Talk2You to scale international business opportunities and communicate easily with cross-border  and foreign speaking stakeholders.

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Translate One2One

Translate One2One was the world’s first portable translation earpiece using cloud-based smart translation software.

Unveiled at the United National AI for Good Summit in Geneva, Lingmo Translate One2One sold out globally within 14 days of launching.

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