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Lingmo collaborate with Telefonica to launch on-edge AI translation software for 5G rollout in Spain

Translation Use Cases leveraging AI to promote 5G technology

August 11, 2020

Lingmo International Pty Ltd today announced a collaboration with Telefonica S.A. The project, in addition with Ericsson and Intel Corporation, will commence live testing within the Spanish tourism industry and see Lingmo International provide Realtime simultaneous translation within Melia Hotels International chain. The translation service will run as close to the client as possible using 5G on-edge computing and AI to deliver high quality and low latency face to face conversations with hotel guests in multiple languages.

Danny May, CEO of Lingmo International said “We are always looking for intelligent ways to innovate as well as provide our software solutions to enable the industry to scale. The collaboration with Telefonica and Intel delivers a project that will leverage AI capabilities and showcase 5G connectivity while overcoming the language barrier faced in many hotel chains. We are very excited to commence this project with Telefonica and Intel,  and their partners.”

Mercedes Fernández, Innovation Manager at Telefónica España, said “We are always looking for innovative use cases that lean on 5G capabilities like low latency communications or Edge Computing, in order to build new services for our customers. Real time simultaneous translation service by Lingmo is a very good example of how 5G capabilities enable new opportunities, and a very relevant use case for our tourism and retail industries.”

The winning Telefonica 5G project was announced last week as they secured the second public call of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital transformation. There will be eight use cases, that will be developed by the community of Madrid. The use cases will incorporate 5G capabilities showcasing the differential performance of future technologies when leveraging 5G connectivity.

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