Lingmo Live Chat FAQs

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What is Lingmo Live Chat?

Lingmo Live Chat lets your customers be in control of what language they chat in when using our live chat platform. Our live chat software translates between multiple languages allowing both customer and help centre agents to chat is their own native languages. Our technology translates the messages in Realtime leveraging IBM Watson. The translations are seamless and continuous to enable a better customer experience.

How does Lingmo Live Chat work?

Lingmo Live Chat has been created to allow foreign speaking customers to liaise with organisations without worrying about the language barrier. We provide your business with the translation software that integrates with your pre-existing live chat software. Agents and consumers each select their native language to type in and receive chats in. Messages are translated between the two languages.  

Can Lingmo Live Chat be used with existing Live Chats that do not offer translation?

Yes, we have built our software to work with your pre-existing live chat.

Do you offer an API and Plugin?

Yes, we offer two options for implementation. An API Key and Plugin. Let us know what live chat system you are using and we will tell you which application is best.

How do I get started with Lingmo Live Chat?

Once you have integrated the translation software, it is simple to get started and consumers and agents can start chatting in their own language respectively immediately.

How does the translation function work?

When the consumer initiates a live chat conversation, they will be prompted to select their language from the dropdown box. Once one of the 80 languages are selected, consumers can start typing in their native language. Once they press send, the message is sent to the customer service agent and translated into their chosen language for them to read. The agent replies in their own native language and the message is translated back into the customer’s language for them to read. This all happens in Realtime and is always contextually translated.

What languages do you offer?

See our full list of languages here.

How much does Lingmo Live Chat cost?

For more information contact us here.

What is the minimum contract period?

We offer monthly or annual subscriptions. 

How do I add the chat feature to my website?

You will receive implementation instructions after you have subscribed to our service.

Can I host Lingmo Live Chat on my own servers?

No. Lingmo Live Chat is a cloud-based solution built on the Cloud. This allows Lingmo to continually update and enhance the software, trouble shoot and maintain the servers.

What operating system platforms and browsers is Lingmo Live Chat Compatible with?

Lingmo live Chat has been tested to work with: Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Linux, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Mac OS/X. Lingmo Live Chat supports all major browsers and platforms both on PC and Mac.

The answer I need is not here, what do I do?

We are sorry to hear this. Please contact us and one of our friendly team members who will be able to assist you.

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