Lingmo Talk2You FAQs

What is Lingmo Talk2You?

Lingmo Talk2You is an iOS and Android application that allows users to send voice messages in their native language and be translated into the receiver’s native language. It enables cross border communication to happen without language barriers and users can be located in different parts of the world


How does Talk2You work?

We have made this technology very simple to use and an effective way to communicate instantly with someone who doesn’t speak your language. The app can be downloaded onto your smart device. After you have chosen your own native language you can connect with your recipient – who will also need to download the app on their device. Simply speak into the phone (in your native language) and send the voice message to your chosen recipient. The recipient will also set up their app to receive messages in their chosen native language. While the voice message is being sent it is also being translated into the recipient language ready for them to hear it.


How do I know if the recipient has received my message?

Like a SMS, once the message has been sent, it will appear in the chat screen you have with the recipient. They will be able to see the screen like yours except their message notifications will show in their native language.


How do I know that the recipient is receiving my message in their language?

Before users can use the app, they also need to select their native language. This enables the software to know what language to translate the voice messages into.


Can people from another country get my message?

Yes, this software has been designed to be sent to people in different countries. As long as there is an active internet connection your recipients can receive messages anywhere in the world.


How long does it take for a recipient to receive a message from across the world?

We have designed this software to send/receive message in Realtime, so it stimulates a real face to face conversation. However, poor internet connection will hinder the speed of receiving and sending messages so therefore we recommend you have an active 4G/5G or Wi-Fi connection or use Lingmo Travel Sim in your smart device if you are travelling internationally.


How Accurate is Lingmo Talk2You?

Lingmo Talk2You use superior speech recognition and AI technology that enables contextual accurate translations to be received by the person receiving the translated voice messages. Lingmo has several systems in places to continually manage and ensure consistent accurate translations are delivered to our customers. Our audit system checks for accuracy, fluency, terminology, grammar and contextual understanding. Asides from the AI always learning and becoming smarter the more it is used, we also continually perform enhancements to improve the accuracy and translations.


Will Lingmo Talk2You understand my Accent?

Yes, using a combination of IBM Watson AI and Lingmo’s custom built translation software our service can detect many nuances, slang and dialects. It is recommended that the input is clear and concise to result in the best translation being received.


What does Lingmo do about privacy and security of my audio content?

Understandably, safety and security of your voice messages is something Lingmo’s users are very conscious of. We understand the data that is provided to us for translation can contain sensitive information such as name, date of birth, address, bank details, credit card numbers and passwords. Lingmo do not collect, store or use any data in your voice messages.

We are compliant with GDPR and ask all our clients to sign an NDA.


Can Talk2You be used offline?

No, Talk2You always requires an active network connection to enable contextual and accurate translations. Lingmo do not offer an offline translation service because translations are poor quality.


How does the group chat work and how many people can be in a group chat?

This is great feature for people who need to get a message out to a large group of people located around the world who also use Talk2You. The main user creates a group consisting of the users Talk2You names and like a 2-way conversation sends a voice message to the group. The voice message is translated into each of the user’s native language to enable them to hear the message. There can be up to 1000 people in a group chat at one time and users are identified by their username in the chat.


The answer I need is not here, what do I do?

We are sorry to hear this. Please contact us and one of our friendly team members who will be able to assist you.





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