Lingmo Transcription

Digital Transcription across multiple languages

AI-Powered Transcription

Lingmo Transcription transcribes audio files into text files into any of our 80 languages. Audio files are required by business in daily activities however, getting those files transcribed in a timely and accurate manner can be time consuming and costly.

Our cloud based solution can:

Transcribe audio files contextually detecting dialects and nuances

Block out background noise for superior and accurate transcription

Recognise grammar and punctuation

Translate files into any of our 80 languages

Lingmo Transcription - Audio to Text in 80 languages

Cost effective and Time efficient

Our transcription software saves your business precious time. We can reduce the time spent transcribing and time is money! Leveraging IBM Watson software, our transcription technology transcribes audio files contextually and not by literal word for word so therefore the flow of the text is not disturbed.

Lingmo Transcription does not store or retain your audio data therefore sensitive content remains safe and secure.

We can customise our software to suit your business needs and train our technology to recognise industry specific terminology.  

Let us show you how accurate our AI-Powered transcription software is!

How it works

We can tailor this solution to your needs.

We can build you a customised solution or you can choose to use our platform.

The choice is yours.

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