User Guide for Lingmo Translate for LiveChat

Effortlessly translate LiveChat customer support tickets in Realtime.

Translate customer support tickets in LiveChat

Lingmo Translate for LiveChat helps agents interact with foreign speaking customer in 80 languages. We help your agents chat with your customers in their native language.

Use our easy to follow step by step user guide to translate customer support tickets within LiveChat.

1. Log into your pre-existing LiveChat account and navigate to Marketplace.

2. Navigate to Helpdesk and select Lingmo Translate for LiveChat.

3. Add Lingmo Translate for LiveChat to your cart to purchase the integration.


4. Once the purchase is completed, Lingmo Translate for LiveChat will appear on the LiveChat agent chat window.

5. First time users will need to allow the permissions to access the integration.

6. New users will need to register to obtain a unique code to activate the translation.

7. Fill out the registration form and your unique code will be emailed to your nominated email account.

8. Insert the unique code and press login to activate Lingmo Translate for LiveChat on your account.

9. You will now automatically receive translated customer tickets in English

10. For example, a customer has typed a ticket in German and it has been translated into English for the agent to read and respond to.

11. To reply to this message, the agent types their reply in English within the Lingmo Translate window and it will be sent and received by the customer in German. 

12. When tickets are received in multiple languages and form a queue, the tickets are always translated into the agent’s language enabling a quick and easy turnaround.

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Lingmo Translate for LiveChat translation Integration

Simultaneously translate your LiveChat tickets to offer multilingual customer support

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