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Lingmo Translate for LiveChat helps agents interact with foreign speaking customers in 80 languages. Delivering AI-powered contextual translations, we help you chat with your customer’s in their native language by translating support tickets in LiveChat. View our user guide here.

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Revolutionise Customer Experience

Give customers the ability to chat in their own native langauge.  Lingmo Live Chat translation software brings an intuitive way to chat with foreign speaking website visitors through your Live Chat platform.

Both agents and website visitors each select their native language to chat in and our technology translates between those chats.

Integrating our software can help revolutionises customer loyalty, experience and engagement by making it super easy to communicate without language barriers. 

So how does it work?

After integrating the software onto your live chat platform,  consumers can select and type in any of the displayed 80 languages. Once a chat is sent to the agent, the agent receives the chat translated into their own pre-selected language. The agent types a reply in his/her own native language and it is translated back into the consumer’s language for them to read and reply. 

The process is simple, fast and accurate. It allows both parties to concentrate on the conversation without worrying about translating and decoding the message.

Plans to suit every e-commerce store

All our plans give you and your consumers access to each type and chat between 80 languages

Chat with us today to discover how easy it is add translation to your Live Chat platform.

The benefits of using Lingmo Live Chat software

Retain, engage and transform foreign speaking consumers

Improve customer experience and loyalty

Grow international market share and expand market research

Improve ROI,  increase sales and decrease costs

Easily integrates with pre-existing Live Chat platforms.

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72% of consumers prefer information in their own langauge_Lingmo

Understand your customer needs

72% of consumers are more likely to buy a product if they have information in their own language. Using Lingmo Live Chat allows consumers to easily read and respond to chats in their own language. Because the agent can chat in any of our 80 languages, the consumer will always receive messages in their language.

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AI Trained business terminology

Lingmo Live Chat can be trained to recognise your specific business terminology to help your consumers gain a better understanding of your products. Simply provide the content and our AI will do the rest.

Speak your customers’ native language

Only 20% of world’s population speak English. Most live chat systems only communicate in English. This means organisations are missing out on customers who speak another language other than English.

Add Lingmo Live Chat software and provide a seamless 2-way customer service experience for all your online consumers regardless of their native tongue.

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Respond to Multiple foreign speaking customers

We understand that responding to chats quickly and efficiently is part of exceptional service. Therefore when an agents receives multiple tickets that are from consumers who all speak different languages, the received chats will only be shown in the agents native language making it easy for them to quickly read and reply to.

Each message the agents sends will be translated back into the consumers pre-selected language.

There is no need for the agent to do anything differently because our technology does the translating for them.


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