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Multi-language customer service helpdesk for e-commerce

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Revolutionise Customer Experience

Lingmo Live Chat is a multi-language customer service helpdesk for e-commerce stores. 

Easily interact with  foreign speaking website visitors in 80 languages. Online visitors can choose their language from a list of 80 and send/receive messages in their native language.

Revolutionises customer loyalty, experience and engagement by making it super easy to communicate without language barriers. 

Plans to suit every e-commerce store

All plans give you and your website visitors access to type and chat in 80 languages


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Benefits of chatting to your website visitors in their native language

Retain, engage and transform foreign speaking website visitors

Improve customer experience and loyalty

Grow international market share and expand market research

Improve ROI,  increase sales and decrease costs

Integrates with pre-existing Live Chat or Chatbots/Virtual Assistants

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72% of consumers prefer information in their own langauge_Lingmo

Understand your customer needs

72% of consumers are more likely to buy a product if they have information in their own language

Lingmo Live Chat - We've made Live Chat Translate

Trained business terminology

Lingmo Live Chat can be trained to recognise your specific business terminology to help your online visitors and customers gain a better understanding of your products. 

Speak your customers’ native language

Only 20% of world’s population speak English, yet most chat systems only communicate in English. This means companies are missing out on potential customers who speak another language other than English.

Lingmo Live Chat provides a seamless 2-way customer service experience for all your online visitors regardless of their native tongue.

Integrate our plugin and engage customers instantly

Easily integrate Lingmo Live Chat plugin into your website and start chatting in 80 languages.

Lingmo Solutions are Easy to Use
Agents - Lingmo Live Chat

Respond to Multiple foreign speaking customers

Agents can chat with multiple foreign speaking customers at once.

Lingmo Live Chat translates the customers chats into the agent’s selected language for faster responses, productive replies and helpful answers. Each chat will be translated back into the customers selected language after the agent presses send.

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