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Integrate Lingmo multilingual chatbot software with your chatbot platform to reach more customers. Improve your customer experience by allowing users to interact with your bot in their native language. Train your bot in one language and automatically cover 80 languages with Lingmo translation software.


No training required in other languages



No need to rebuild your chatbot



Cover 80 languages with one chatbot


Compatible with any chatbot platform


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Compatible with all chatbot platforms including Watson Assistant and Azure Bot Services

Lingmo Chatbot Translator compatible with Azure Bot Service
Lingmo Chatbot Translator compatible with IBM Watson Assistant

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“We’re constantly evaluating startups and leading technology companies who can become part of our ever-growing partner ecosystem. A good example of this was our integration with Lingmo, a language translation integration which, when plugged into the UneeQ platform, allowed Sophie to provide essential COVID-19 health information in Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese and Spanish.”

Danny Tomsett, CEO, UneeQ

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