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Built on the cloud, Lingmo’s smart translation products, services and solutions have been developed to enable you to easily communicate and stay connected with people who speak another language. With intelligent speech recognition and AI software always improving the translations, Lingmo’s solutions offer a new way to conduct business internationally and speak the local language.

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Our Enterprise Products

Lingmo Live Chat- We've made Live Chat Translate

Lingmo Live Chat

Lingmo Live Chat is the new and exciting solution that enables website visitors to send and receive live chat messages in their own native language.  Leveraging intelligent cloud software, customers can chat online with live chat representatives in any of Lingmo’s 80 languages.  Lingmo Live Chat allows unlimited scalability into new international markets and is the smart way to connect with consumers who speak a different language.

Increase your customer experience and improve your NPS with our Realtime live chat.

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Lingmo Translation API Product

Lingmo Translation API

Lingmo Translation API enables users to translate text or voice contents via our customised and trained cloud-based solution. Our intelligent RESTFul API can easily be integrated onto your website, application or platform allowing users to call upon the API when translation is required. 

Providing a safe, secure and trusted way to translate between Speech and Text and Text to Text.

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Lingmo Transcription Product - Audio to Text in 80 languages

Lingmo Transcription

The Lingmo Transcription platform digitally transcribes audio files into text without the risk of sensitive data being captured or stored. Because Lingmo do not store data, audio communication is safely transcribed into any of our 80 text languages.

Lingmo’s smart algorithms will save your business time, reduce costs and give you peace of mind. Lingmo has rigorous compliance standards in place to ensure all translations are contextual and highly accurate.

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Our Consumer Products

Lingmo Talk2You Multilinigual Messaging Product Software

Lingmo Talk2You

Talk2You is a cloud-based translation platform that translates languages between voice messages. Talk2You gives app users the flexibility to send and receive voice messages in their native language. Lingmo’s cloud-based platform enables users to be located anywhere around the globe and send instant voice messages that are translated via the cloud into the receipents language.

Talk2You can scale international business opportunities and is the new way to send voice messages cross-border to foreign speaking stakeholders.

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Time2Translate Executive

Time2Translate Executive is the new way to translate conversations in Realtime. Using cloud-based technologies, this intelligent Smartwatch works independently from your smartphone. It translates between 29 languages enabling users to have a 2-way conversation, face to face. Designed with a built-in microphone and speaker, Time2Translate uses Lingmo’s AI-powered translation algorithms to contextually and accurate translate voice conversations. Along with the translation technology, Time2Translate Executive includes a GPS and fitness sensors plus the ability to stay connected, make phone calls, browse the internet and send/receive SMS & emails all from your wrist.

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Time2Translate Lifestyle

Time2Translate Lifestyle Smartwatch is so much more than just a wrist watch. This portable translator can be used to translate conversation in 29 different languages in Realtime using Lingmo’s cloud-based technologies. By inserting a SIM card into the back of the watch, users can stay connected. Leveraging 4G or Wifi, Time2Translate Lifestyle enables users to not only translate via speech to speech technology but the Smartwatch also  features a built in camera, the ability make phone calls, browse the internet and send/receive SMS & emails and more.

Time2Translate Lifestyle lets you enjoy the freedom of using Smartwatch features and translate conversations on the go straight from your wrist.

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Lingmo Translate App Product FREE Download

Lingmo Translate

Built using our smart translation software, Lingmo Translate instantly translates between voice and text in 29 languages in Realtime. Used by thousands of travellers globally, the app features Lingmo’s ‘press, hold, talk & release’ software to give users a seamless translation experience. 

Travel and Translate with out AI-powered translation app and never be let down by the language barrier. Download Lingmo Translate for FREE from the App Store or Google Play store today.

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Lingmo Travel SIM

The Lingmo Travel SIM is supported by over 600 networks in 190+ countries, enabling users to use one sim and stay connected throughout multiple destinations.

Lingmo Travel SIM gives our users convenience and flexibility. Join the thousands of global users and say goodbye to expensive overseas roaming charges.

Lingmo make staying connected internationally hassle and stress free.

(Lingmo Travel SIM can be used in Time2Translate Smartwatches and Translate One2One.)

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Translate One2One

Translate One2One was the world’s first portable translation earpiece using cloud-based smart translation software.

Unveiled at the United National AI for Good Summit in Geneva, Lingmo Translate One2One sold out globally within 14 days of launching.

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