Discover more about AI and machine translation,  the story of Lingmo, insightful startup advice and entrepreneurship.


Host – Jaime Jay

Coming Soon! Watch this space…

I love Success Podcast

Host – Peter Jumrukovski

From Australian plumber to tech entrepreneur

Purposeful Mindset

Host – Sidaq Hussain

Embracing the struggles of startup life

C3 Chatshow

Hosts – Sid Vaidya and Eric Gershey

Using Artificial Intelligence to communicate

Dojo Live

Host – Carlos R Ponce & Tullio Siragusa

Lingmo discuss the topic of ‘Delivering Smart Translation’ and how the company is making critical information available to global audience during COVID-19.

Remote CEO

Host – Deniero B

Not every team can be located in the same country especially in todays market. So in this podcast, Lingmo discuss how to manage remote teams around the world and talk about overcoming the challenges associated with it.

Business Bros Podcast

Hosts – Hernan & James Sias

An energetic and lively podcast discussion about AI, translation, startup growth, how you know when to pivot your business and entrepreneurship.

ACHiEVE Podcast

Host – Aseem Giri

Lingmo’s CEO, Danny May talks all things entrepreneurial from starting his career as a plumber to developing an innovative startup in technology translation space.

Mark Bouris

Host – Mark Bouris

Lingmo chat to Mark Bouris about Business Partnerships and why Lingmo
partnered with IBM.