Start talking to people who don’t speak your language

Our Products Talk2You

Cross Border Communication

Talk2You translates voice messages instantly. Send a voice message in your language and your recipient will receive it in their language

Chat with upto 1000 people around the globe in one group chat

Revolutionise the way you communication internationally

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Our Products Time2Translate

Real-time Translation on the go

Time2translate is the world’s first fully independent translation Smartwatch, translating 20+ languagesĀ 

Translate face to face conversations in real-time

Ideal for business travelling and the stylish traveller!

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Our Products Lingmo Translate

Instant Translation

Download today ready for your overseas vacation

4 translation modes in over 70+ languages

Your international travel companion

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World’s first AI Translation Earpiece

Translate One2One is an AI powered real-time translation earpiece

Translate One2One has now been superseded by Time2Translate Translation Smartwatch

Translate One2One was unveiled at the United National AI for Good Summit

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