Become a multilingual communicator with Lingmo!

LIngmo Live Chat Multilingual Chat software

Lingmo Live Chat

Lingmo Live Chat is a multilingual live chat software. Now your customers can chat with your representatives in 80 languages.  Our software does all the translating leaving your customer and representative to chat in their own native languages

Chat with your customers in their language and give a better customer experience

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Lingmo Talk2You Multilinigual Messaging Software

Lingmo Talk2You

Talk2You translates voice messages instantly.  You send a voice message in your language and your recipient will receive it in their language

With Talk2You you can chat with up to 1000 people around the globe in one group chat

Talk2You will revolutionise the way you communication internationally

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Time2Translate Executive

Time2Translate is Lingmo’s premium stand-alone Smartwatch that works independently of your smartphone and comes with a built-in microphone and speaker, translation technology, GPS & fitness sensors. Stay connected, make phone calls, browse the internet and send/receive SMS & emails all from your wrist

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Time2Translate Lifestyle

Time2Translate Lifestyle lets you enjoy the freedom of using Smartwatch features and translate conversations on the go straight from your wrist

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Lingmo Translate App FREE Download

Lingmo Translate

Lingmo Translates enables you to translate 2- way text and speech conversations instantly

Lingmo Translate uses the most accurate translation technology on the market

Download Lingmo Translate for FREE from the App Store or Google Play store today!

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Lingmo Travel SIM

The Lingmo Travel SIM is supported by over 600 networks in 190+ countries, enabling you to stay connected even when you move between multiple destinations

Lingmo Travel SIM gives you convenience and flexibility so your overseas roaming experience can be easy and stress-free

We take the sting out of overseas roaming charges

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Translate One2One

Translate One2One is an AI powered real-time translation earpiece

Translate One2One has now been superseded by Time2Translate Translation Smartwatch

Translate One2One was unveiled at the United National AI for Good Summit in Geneva

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