All Lingmo Smartwatches and Earpieces MUST GO!

Lingmo Executive Smartwatch

Was $599, now only $150

The Lingmo executive is made from a stainless Steel Case and comes with a leather strap. This stylish stand-along smartwatch powered by AI, works independently from your smartphone and comes with features including built-in microphone, GPS and fitness sensors and SIM card portable slot.

Lingmo Lifestyle Smartwatch

Was $399, now only $125

Lingmo Lifestyle Smartwatch has a built in GPS and health and fitness tracker allowing you to monitor your activity quickly and easily.  You can insert a SIM Card into the back of the watch which helps you keep connected, browse the net and make calls without connecting to your smartphone. 

Translate One2One Earpiece

Was $249, now only $40

Lingmo Translate One2One was the world’s first portable translation earpiece device using cloud-based smart language translation software.

It was unveiled at the United National AI for Good Summit in Geneva. Furthermore, Lingmo Translate One2One sold out in Australia and worldwide within 14 days of launching!