About LIngmo

About Lingmo

Founded in 2013 and formally established in 2016, Lingmo International Pty. Ltd., is an Australian language translation technology company that uses Artificial Intelligence software to enable people to translate languages in real-time from anywhere in the world. Lingmo has developed a unique series of algorithms to provide a solution to overcome the growing need for an accurate and reliable translation.

Our vision is empowering people to communicate, be heard and understood without language barriers. By providing all businesses and consumers with a translation solution to overcome their language translation challenge, we are giving each person the tools to communicate effectively with others around the world.  We provide our customers with the ability to translate conversations via speech and text across a multitude of platforms including Apps, Wearables and Application Programme Interfaces (API’s). We recognise that communication is essential for effective exchanges between people and when words are literally lost in translation it can be counterproductive. Language binds people, builds trust, and relationships are formed, and with globalisation and localisation increasing, we want to build an environment where this can be done with people who speak different languages too.

Our core strength is the quality and accuracy of our AI technology. With AI we can train our algorithms 50% faster than we could if we were solely relying on a Machine Learning system. In addition, we can also concentrate on perfecting the detection of users nuances and dialects. Collaborating with IBM, the world leader in AI, has given us access to the most sophisticated technology and super computers, this allows us to keep innovating.

Lingmo work with a number of industries including Airlines, Retail, Travel and Tourism, Media and Publishing, Hospitality, Healthcare and Banking and Finance. By listening to their needs we are able to offer customised solutions.

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Our Goal

Lingmo’s goal is to be an innovation leader with AI Translation and Speech Recognition to empower people to communicate without language barriers

Proudly Partnering with IBM

We have partnered with IBM to leverage their Artificial Intelligence to enhance our translation and speech recognition software. In this turns gives ours customers a superior translation that is contextual and detects users dialects.

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