About LIngmo

About Lingmo

Lingmo is a tech company solving the global language barrier problem.We offer the world’s smartest translation technology in apps, wearables and APIs.

Lingmo provides a affordable solution to international travelers and global businesses.

Through innovations and continued development in A.I. we give our customers the best translation offerings to Understand The World.

Lingmo was founded in Australia in 2016 and now operates from four global offices. With thousands of registered users in over 150 countries, the Lingmo translation technology is empowering people to communicate.

Ex-Plumber Invents a Translation Device

The idea for a smart and accurate translation solution, come about after the Founder got his passport stolen in China while on a business trip in 2013.

Unable to communicate with the local people, he knew there was a need for a reliable and accurate way of communicating with people who don’t speak the same language.

Stepping out of his comfort zone and venturing into the technology world, the idea to give people the freedom to translate text and voice conversations has transformed the travel, tourism and business industry.

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Our Mission

To make it easy for people who speak different languages to communicate accurately without any language barriers

Meet the Lingmo Team

Danny May, Founder and CEO

Darren Allard, Co-Founder and COO

Peter McGrath, Co-Founder and CBDO

Speaking Events

Lingmo has presented at many events globally speaking on a variety of topics including Artificial Intelligence, development of a translation software and our founding story.

Below are some of the places we have presented at so far.

UN ITC World Telecom Congress, Korea

UN ITC World Telecom Congress, Korea

IBM Business Analysts Insights, India

IBM Business Analysts Insights, India

IBM Watson Summnit, New Zealand

IBM Watson Summnit, New Zealand

Keynote, IBM THINK 2018, Las Vegas

Keynote, IBM THINK 2018, Las Vegas

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