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Lingmo International is a world leading provider of cloud based Artificial Intelligent translation software and voice recognition technology. With our multilingual solutions, we help your business customise a scalable solution to overcome your language barrier challenges


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Translation for Enterprise

Translation solutions to bring teams and customers together

Localise your brand with Lingmo translation. Interact between multiple languages and deploy multilingual customer service strategies.
We’ve made it simple to communicate in other languages.


Seamless Integration. Smarter Translation. Integrate our AI language translation software with your favourite applications.

Internal Communication

Chat to your team members in your respective native language with our smart voice messaging software platform. We’re helping bring multinational teams together!


Automated and responsive Realtime website translation for your WordPress website. Reach international customers by localising your content with an easy to use plugin.

Customer Engagement

Scalable customer support solution to deliver correspondence in 80 languages to boost customer experience.


Complete 360 smart solution for audio transcription and video subtitle translation with real time turnaround. Now it’s simple to make your video and audio available in multiple languages.


Handy portable translation devices and Apps for consumers and travellers. Talk, chat and text fluently in other languages. 

Customised Software

Scalable solutions to grow your business

Our fully integrated solutions provide you with the tools to effectively grow your brand internationally and communicate fluently. Our Artificial Intelligence and speech recognition capabilities ensure you receive native quality translations each and every time.

Realtime Turnaround

We provide Realtime translation native quality machine translation so your business can quickly and effectively connect with your global audience.


We streamline your business process with our trusted AI and custom built machine translation platform. Lingmo translates content for businesses all over the world, no matter the volume, no matter the time. 

Native Quality

Lingmo translate content contextually and do not translate literal word for word content.  Rest assure that are software is provides professional and accurate translations that detect dialects and nuances too.

Smart Translations

Combining AI and machine translation for human quality translations 

To achieve our superior translation, our system focuses speech recognition and detects nuances, dialects, slang, grammar and colloquialisms.  The more you use Lingmo the smarter the translations become and the quicker the AI recognises your branded terminology.  


Use Lingmo Across A Number of Platforms

Connect Lingmo translation with apps you love to use. Translate contents, chats and customer support tickets.  


What Lingmo customers say

  • “We are always looking for innovative use cases that lean on 5G capabilities like low latency communications or Edge Computing, in order to build new services for our customers. Real time simultaneous translation service by Lingmo is a very good example of how 5G capabilities enable new opportunities, and a very relevant use case for our tourism and retail industries.”

    Mercedes Fernández, Innovation Manager, Telefónica España

  • “We’re always looking for ways to give our customers the ability to do more with Zoom. We are excited to have the Lingmo integration go live on our Zoom App Marketplace to help Zoom customers to easily translate any IM in realtime. Language barriers will crumble with Lingmo fuelling global businesses.”

    Aleks Swerdlow, Zoom Video Communications, Inc

  • “We’re constantly evaluating startups and leading technology companies who can become part of our ever-growing partner ecosystem. A good example of this was our integration with Lingmo, a language translation integration which, when plugged into the UneeQ platform, allowed Sophie to provide essential COVID-19 health information in Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese and Spanish.”

    Danny Tomsett, CEO, UneeQ

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Customers First

Add value to your customer engagement with translation

Lingmo empowers you with translation capabilities to enhance your customer experience to differentiate your brand.

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