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Lingmo International is the leading provider of cloud-based AI language translation and voice recognition software. Designed specifically to benefit businesses and enable them to interact with foreign speaking consumers cross border.

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Lingmo International

Understand the World

Translating 80 AI languages across text and speech platforms in Realtime is easy with our translation solutions. Integrate our software with any platform and start delivering chats, content, messages in different languages. 

View our translation solution products and start localising your content today.

Multi Language Chatbot, Chatbot Translation

Your chatbot can quickly answer your consumers queries but can it communicate in 80 languages? Keep foreign speaking consumers online by implementing our translation software onto your chatbot and allow your consumers to type questions and receive responses in their native language – No extra chatbot training required.

 Live Chat Translation

Lingmo Live Chat is the new and exciting translation solution that enables your Live Chat software to translate between 80 languages. Your consumers and agents can now easily chat to each in their own languages.

Unlock the ability to scale into new international markets and connect with consumers who speak another language.

Realtime Translation API

Lingmo Translation API enables you to translate text and voice accurately in Realtime with our AI powered cloud-based solution. Our intelligent translation API translates website and email content, chatbot and Live chat messages, documents and CMS platforms and much more. 

Why not find out more about how our RESTful translation API can help your business connect with your foreign speaking consumers?

Translate your Transcription

The Lingmo Transcription platform digitally transcribes your audio files into text without the risk of sensitive data being captured or stored.

Discover how your organisation can save time and reduce costs with our smart translation technology.


Speak 80 Languages, instantly

We understand when the language barrier is removed it is easier to communicate with your foreign speaking consumers. We can help you speak to your customers in 80 languages and scale into new international markets with our smart translation solutions.  

Customers First

We help you put your customers first by providing tailored translation solutions. No matter what industry you are in, we can help you speak to your customers in their native language to improve their experience.

Artificial Intelligence, Realtime Solutions

We leverage AI to accurately and contextually translate your content and spoken phrases in Realtime. Our software detects any nuances and dialect so you receive authentic and customised translations every time.  

Trusted Cloud Platform

Lingmo’s services are built on the Cloud so you get fast, reliable and secure translations.

We do not store or keep any data. Your data remains yours, not ours!

Translation Solutions for Consumers

Take a look at our full range of translation solutions for consumers and travellers.

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