Providing Smart Language Translation Solutions and Software for Enterprise

Lingmo International is a cloud-based language translation and voice recognition software company.  We have developed our AI-powered cutting-edge technology to contextually and accurately translate text and spoken phrases in Realtime. Our SaaS solution can be deployed into any CRM, website or application and is providing enterprise with ability to communicate with foreign speaking customers by speaking their language.

Lingmo International

Cloud platform

Lingmo’s services are built on the Cloud for fast, reliable and secure deployment.

We do not store or keep any data. Your data remains yours, not ours!

Customised Solution

Customising your experience so you get the most out of your translation requirements. 

Training Your Data

Training industry specific terminology in multiple languages for seamless communication delivery

Our Enterprise Solution Products

Live Chat Translation

Lingmo Live Chat allows users to have a seamless two way chat online in their own native languages. Consumers can simply select their native language and chat to customer service agents, receive replies like never seen before. Businesses now have a way to speak their customers language in Realtime.

Translated Transcription 

Lingmo’s transcription services brings an automated solution to transcribing audio files. Audio files can now be transcribed into multiple languages. With our intelligent software, Lingmo’s AI detects nuances, slang and dialects and transcribes contents contextually and securely.

RESTFul Translation API

Lingmo’s RESTFul API gives users the freedom to call upon translation when required. The cloud-based API translates both text and voice inputs and offers the user a safe and secure way to translate between languages.

Lingmo Consumer Products

Discover our full range of translation products for consumers

Our Partners

Lingmo are extremely proud to work with the following corporate partners:

Andrea Electronics

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