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Translate between 80 Languages and Transcribe between 29 Languages with Lingmo

Conversing between foreign languages can be hard.

Lingmo’s software makes it easy 

Technology you can Trust

Our transcription and translation technology leverages IBM Watson from the IBM Cloud resulting in superior contextual accuracy across speech and text platforms

We don’t store or keep any data! Your data remains yours, not ours!

Lingmo leverages IBM Cloud Technology

Featured Product: Lingmo Live Chat

Lingmo Live Chat lets foreign speaking customers choose their own language and send and receive messages in their native language. The new state-of-the-art software is changing the way international businesses communicate with their foreign speaking customers.

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Weather you need documents or audio files transcribed, or need to translate between foreign languages on your live chat or chatbot/virtual assistant,  our customised and trained AI-Powered software solutions can assist. We pride ourselves in understanding your pain-points so that you can offer a value add to your customers and clients globally. 

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Lingmo Live

Live Chat software that enables customers to chat and receive messages
in their own native language


Lingmo Transcription transcribes audio files
into text. Transcribe upto 80 languages

Lingmo RESTFul

Realtime AI-Powered translation API enabling you to integrate translation into your offering

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Why Lingmo?

We want your business to be able to Understand The World and offer the best service you can to your customers and that means talking their language.

We are Accurate

We train our system to recognise a multitude of dialects and nuances and therefore can offer contextual translations that are received in near Real-time.

Customised Solutions

We offer our customers a tailored solution to support their business. We can train our system to learn your business terminology and seamlessly integrate our software into any business system globally. 

AI Adopters

Lingmo is an IBM Business Partner. We leverage IBM Watson to bring you the most sophisticated digital translations and transcriptions on the market today. 

Proudly Partnering with IBM

Lingmo are business partners with IBM and we openly tell everyone we leverage their AI technology to enhance our translation and speech recognition software. 

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