Chatbot Translation
to reach foreign speaking customers

Automate your chatbot to chat in 80 languages. Train your bot in one language, deliver chats in 80. 

Chatbot Translation - Smart translation solutions for your chatbot

Put your customer’s first

Train your chatbot in one language and have it respond in over 80 languages. Never miss another foreign speaking customer query again. No matter what language you train your chatbot in, consumers can type in any of our 80 languages. Instant responses are delivered back in the consumer’s native language.

Let us help you make your chatbot chat in multiple languages.

How does it work?

Lingmo’s translation software integrates with any chatbot software and delivers responses in the consumers chosen language.

We will provide you with all the information you need to make the integration process as seamless as possible.


Build your chatbot in your preferred language – our software allows you to train in any of our 80 languages – not just English!


Consumers types a query in their selected language. Your chatbot will contextually translate the message using our customised AI technology


Your multilingual chatbot will now deliver the response back to your consumer in their native language for them to quickly read and respond to. 

No need to build an army of chatbots

Typically Chatbots and Virtual Assistants are built in one-language only. To support foreign-speaking consumer demand, individual chatbots are also built in different languages. This is an expensive and lengthy process.

To over come this,  Lingmo’s translation software gives you a fully automated multi-language chatbot support software. So now your single chatbot trained to converse in one language only can now communicate in 80 languages. 

We can help you remove the bias so you don’t need an army of chatbots in multiple languages.

Lingmo Translation API for Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

Let us show you today how easy it is to integrate our translation software on your chatbot